Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Active listening

 WALT: Actively listen and not talk
Active listening
 Active listening mean to me ?
Active listening means to me.That you have to look at the person that is talking and listen to what they have to say Then don’t touch  anything that is around you .

Active listening means?
To pay attention to the person of object that has something  to say  and look at them and  listen .  

How I'm going to get good at active listening.

I'm going to try to get good at active listening. By ignoring the person that is next to me and talking and even if it is interesting If you full like joining in don’t because you will get into heaps of trouble.

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  1. Hi Jazzinda!!!!!!!!!!! I like what you said at the bottom part. It makes it sound like you've been doing it all along. (I wonder do you active listen at home?)